Tauferhohle- a cave where early Mennonites hid for secret worship activity during the reformation

Want to visit the mennonite cave outside of Zurich, but not sure how to get there? Here is some information to help!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Welcome to the tauferhohle

Just outside of Zurich is a piece of Mennonite history which is easily accesible. Myself and my cousin- both Manitoban Menno's - wanted to go there but could not find instructions either in english or german on exactly how to get there. For all the other types who wish to visit, here are instructions on how to get the the Anabapist/ Mennonite cave in Zurich canton. It is very simple.

First, locate the villages of Baretswil, Hinwil, Ringwil and Wappenswil on the map, south of Zurich. It is roughly a 20 minute drive. You will weave through villages which are very close to eachother, and depending on your choice of appraoch will either go through Baretswil or Hinwil. the journey moves gradually up-hill, and the view of the nearby mountains is breath-taking.